Songs that mean a lot to me.

Lately there have been quite a few songs that literally make me cry every time I listen to them. My life has changed so much and so fast that I found music to be the best coping mechanism, and because of that there are some songs that mean so much to me. Songs that I will never stop listening to, even when I get sick of hearing them.

1. Wherever You Are – 5 Seconds of Summer.

For a while we pretended
That we never had to end it
But we knew we had to say goodbye

A lot of people meet their lifelong friends in college. I met mine a year before. They’ve honestly become more like family than my best friends. Last summer we all kind of pretended that we weren’t leaving each other in the fall to go to school, but of course it was inevitable. This song came out right at a time when I missed them a lot, and I actually sat in my bed sobbing over it. It reminds me of them. The line “it always will be you, wherever you are,” sums up how I feel about them. No matter how far away life takes us, they will always be my best friends.

2. Jasey Rae – All Time Low

Call me a name,
Kill me with words,
Forget about me,
It’s what I deserve

This was the first All Time Low song I fell in love with. I listened to it on repeat for an entire summer. It introduced me to All Time Low, and I can’t even put into words how much I love All Time Low. I feel like this song holds a piece of me and I don’t think I can explain it.

3. Thunder – Boys Like Girls

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you’re unlike any other?
You’ll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors

This song. This freaking song. Once upon a time I knew a boy who loved this song as much as I did. I felt as though I could have written this song about him. That was a long time ago, and I barely associate this song with him anymore. But this song is the reason I love this genre of music so much. It was the first time I ever listened to a song and said, “Holy shit. I love this.”

4. Don’t Forget Where You Belong – One Direction

Don’t forget where you belong–home.
If you ever feel alone–don’t.
You were never on your own.
And the proof is in this song.

Okay, judge me. I love One Direction more than anything. They are the reasons I have 2/3 of my best friends. They have literally changed my life, as cliche as that sounds. Some of the best memories I have out of the last two years are because of them. I will never stop loving them for what they have done for me. It’s not even just about the music anymore. It’s what the music represents for me — my friends. Especially this song. As I’ve said, I had to leave my friends to go to college. Then this song came out. It just speaks to me on so many levels. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that I can always come home. This song reminds me of that. Additionally, it makes me remember that no matter how lonely I feel, I’ve always got my friends. Thanks in part to One Direction.

5. Colly Strings – Manchester Orchestra

‘Cause like dying young,

idols got the best of me,
Well don’t stop calling,

you’re the reason I love losing sleep.

Admittedly the lyrics here are amazing, and I’m sure eventually someday I’ll find someone who I actually do enjoy losing sleep for. But that’s not why I love this song. See, I discovered this song through the first real conversation I’ve ever had with anyone about music. Sadly, I never really talked to that person again. But that was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had. I don’t know, I’m lame. I like shit like that.


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